2009? I’m so over it.

First of all I would like to say Hello to 2010 and Goodbye to 2009. Sure it was a good run, but it’s always good for a change. Christmas flew by and before we could say ‘ Happy Holiday’s ‘ it was already done and finished. More important things have happened over the year. In the Music industry, in the Politics industry, in the Media industry and the financial industry. Here are some topics I would like to hear your thoughts on:

~Barack Obama

~The Financial Crisis

~The Xfactor (Although who really wants to talk about mindless reality TV?)

~Lady Gaga’s shocking mark on the charts.

What’s your opinion? Just comment write here on this post and hopefully start an interesting conversation. I’ve had his blog for too long with no activity.

Ciao! Speak soon.


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Hello everybody. This is just a little note about a very yummy recipe. It is called London mess.


3 (large) eggs

175g caster sugar

Half a bar of chocolate.

A cap full of vanilla essence

Whisk the eggs adding half of the sugar. Whisk until hard, shiny and white. Add half of the melted chocolate and whisk until mixed in. (Not too much) Add rest of sugar and chocolate whisking until stiff and shiny. Pop in oven at 150 fan and leave for an hour. Leave for extra 5-10 mins for delicious caramelised chocolate. Layer in a glass with cream and blueberries for extra taste. Voila! There you have it a lovely dessert. (You can use any berries, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries.)

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Photography Graphics

Photography Graphics

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Bonjour, So I’m no Einstein but anyone who puts their mind to it can write. Right? Today I watched the all time classic movie ‘Chitty chitty bang bang’ and I realised lots of things in life are beautiful. Jewels, Nature, cars, Russian dolls, London even sometimes a bird could be beautiful, but you have to concentrate to see the beauty of small things. E.g. Has anybody out there read ‘Skellig’ by David Almond? What colour is a blackbird. Of course the first word that springs to mind is BLACK. No. If you look closely you can see glistening navy blues, purples, greens and greys. You just have to pay attention to detail. Anyway I am going off the point. On this lovely weekend. Moi, myself , I am travelling to the lovely, delightful city of PARIS. Of course I will be loyal to you. I will be blogging from my computer and hoping that someone or somepeople out there are reading my thoughts. Not my thoughts. My dreams and hopes, what the world is like and will be like.  As most of you know, it was London Fashion Weekend last weekend, sadly I couldn’t go but nearly got tickets. You see I had another important event. Next year hopefully I will see you there. I might catch a glimpse of you in Milan though! You see I like to travel. I said London was beautiful but who doesn’t get sick of the same thing all the time.

Will love you and leave you…


Remember my name… FAME!!

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Remember my name…

FAME!! I’m gonna write forever. Hello, my name is Eekem. (Well not really) You will never know my real name.  Prince Harry is out of line, the Jonas Brothers are definetly MINE!  I’m writing something big. Forget about J K Rowling.  She is so minimum and I’m so millenium. If you want to know more… read more. 😉 You will know me soon enough. Here’s a little insight to what my story will be like: two  people walking down the beach, suddenly one of the girls finds a ruby in the sand. A ruby attached to a ring. What has happened to the ring? It has history, which goes back to 1889 up to 2009…Intrigued? To be continued…  Trust me, this is nothing to do with Hobbits, but you can call me ‘Lady of the Ring’ if you like.

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